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About GrantSelect

We make finding grants easy!

What is GrantSelect?

Broad range of available grants and awards
Full spectrum of opportunities

GrantSelect is an online database of funding opportunities such as grants (for programs, projects, planning, start-up, endowments, technical assistance, facilities and equipment, etc.), awards, and fellowships for example.

Funding opportunities range from pure research grants to arts programs, biomedical and health care research, community services programs, children and youth programs, K-12 education funding, international programs, and operating grants for nonprofit organizations.

Each record includes:

  • Contact information
  • Sponsor name and address
  • Subject terms for related searches
  • Type of sponsor (Federal agency, foundation, research institute, etc.)

Each record also includes (where available):

  • URLs to more information on the funding opportunity
  • Deadline date(s)
  • Restrictions on who may aply (including geographic restrictions)
  • Lists of previous awards
  • Amount(s) of grant or award
  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number
  • Populations encouraged to apply (e.g., women, minorities, disabled)
  • RFA and PA numbers for NIH grants
  • Program numbers for NSF grants

Sponsoring organizations include federal government agencies (including NIH, NSF, Centers for Disease Control, and many others), foundations and other nonprofit organizations, corporations and corporate foundations, research institutes, state agencies, and universities.

Who Uses GrantSelect?


Undergraduate and graduate students, college faculty, post-doctoral students, and private sector researchers use GrantSelect to conduct numerous types of investigations for a wide variety of programs

Research funding is available for the arts; humanities; biomedical and health care; technology; community and economic development; education; children and youth; environmental studies; alternative energy sources; agriculture; scholarships and fellowships. The types of research funded include: basic/fundamental, applied, creative/discovery, clinical, commercial, directed, developmental, fundamental, investigator-initiated, outcomes-based, professional practice, scholarly/educational, strategic, targeted, and translational.

Colleges and Community Colleges

Grant awards are not limited to academic research. Higher education institutions can find funding for many activities and programs outside of the research arena.

Faculty, staff and students of colleges use GrantSelect to find funding for: capacity building; enrollment incentives for potential students; innovative programs for adult students; community-based job training; diversity programs; scholarships; professional development; curriculum development; and even research.


Whole communities can benefit from GrantSelect in a public library.

Public libraries use GrantSelect as a resource for their patrons needing funding for community-based projects (see also Nonprofit Organizations) as well as collection development; equipment and technology; professional development; literacy and early reader programs; processing and cataloging; online catalogs; building construction; building improvements; and materials acquisitions.

Local and Regional Governments

Because of a broad range of funding opportunities, GrantSelect is able to service whole communities. Our goal is enable municipalities and organizations to find the funding opportunities needed to fuel economic growth and educational initiatives.

Town/City/County Managers or Commissioners, Aldermen, Law Enforcement Personnel and other First Responders, Chambers of Commerce use GrantSelect to find funding for: parks and lands; playgrounds; housing; neighborhood beautification programs; community development; economic development; community health programs; infrastructure; sewage and solid waste management; brownsfields management; flood control; records management; after-school youth programs; civic responsibility programs; service-learning programs; and more.

PreK-12 Schools and School Districts

GrantSelect is the only grants resource online that offers both government and private funding sources for education.

Principals, curriculum directors, superintendents, classroom teachers, and department heads use GrantSelect to find funding for: classroom projects; curriculum development/alignment; professional development; building construction; building improvements/renovation; classroom materials; library materials; nutrition/lunch programs; technology hardware and software; and more.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit managers and program directors use GrantSelect to find funding for: Planning and program development; community service programs; staff training and development; volunteer recruitment; program implementation; seed money; land acquisition; legal assistance; and more.