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Full Spectrum of Funding Opportunities

Arts and Culture
Biomedical and Health Care
Children and Youth
Community and Economic Development
Environment / Conservation
Faith-Based Programs
International Programs
Operating Grants
Special Populations

Using the Database

More than a simple directory, each database record lists detailed information about a grant program, organized so that a grantseeker can see at-a-glance if the potential funder is a good fit. Search for grants can be done by keyword (or keywords), geographic location, subject heading, or any combination of the above. Advanced search tools are also available for more targeted searches. Additional search parameters include program type, sponsor name, sponsor type, title of grant, deadline, restrictions, requirements and description. Searches can also be limited to a specific category segment (such as Special Populations) or include all segments for a broader list of search results. GrantSelect also includes grant programs from sponsors outside the United States including Canada.

How We Update

The Grant Research Team at GrantSelect researches and compiles information on grant programs from sponsors located both in the United States as well as worldwide. Key information is meticulously gathered and edited before it is added to the database. In every case, each grant program must meet our standardized criteria before it can be included. The information is then published online in the GrantSelect database.

Records are updated by direct contact with the sponsoring organization via phone/fax or questionaires. Funders also provide us with brochures, press releases, letters and other mailings that keep us up to date on their projects. World Wide Web sites are also used as sources of information, if the Web site is updated at least on a quarterly basis.

Federal and state funding information is taken from the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, NIH Guides, National Science Foundation Bulletins, Government Information Sources newsletters, the Federal Register, and other publications by government agencies. Phone and fax contact are also used to update federal and state records.

Updates are done daily, ensuring that grant information is timely and relevant. Specific questions regarding the content and information contained within GrantSelect can be directed to our Chief Editor.