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Grant Listing Criteria

GrantSelect, offered by Littleberry Press, posts grants and awards for teachers, educators, students, researchers, nonprofit managers, community group leaders, etc. Our goal is to list as many grants as possible in all areas of charitable giving.

GrantSelect lists grants based on information gathered from direct contact with sponsoring organizations, from the Internet, from print publications, or submitted by organizations or corporations. Grants listed in the electronic directory have been confirmed by phone call or online to be available and open to either Letters of Interest or Proposals. We encourage users to go directly to the granting organization to confirm the information and receive updates.

GrantSelect posts grants and awards that meet the following criteria:

  • Openly available to unsolicited applications or will consider a Letter of Interest prior to an invitation to apply.
  • Offered by corporations, government agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations.
  • Free to organizations or individuals with no obligation to apply for a paid service or purchase any product from the grantors.

Submit Your Grant

To submit a grant for posting on GrantSelect, you can use our online form. Otherwise, please send the information via email to with the following key data:

  1. Program title
  2. A brief description
  3. Any eligibility requirements
  4. The web address for the grant
  5. Your contact information
  6. Any other pertinent information

GrantSelect reserves the right to reject or remove any grants that do not meet our selection criteria. These guidelines may change at anytime without notice. There is no preferential treatment given to grantors who use other Schoolhouse Partners products or services.

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Advertising on GrantSelect

GrantSelect does not accept payment for the listing of grants, and we do not advertise grants or awards programs. Since GrantSelect is strictly a research tool, we do not accept advertising for other products or services.