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Registration Help

Supplying Domain Names and IP Addresses

About IP Addresses

An IP address is the numeric address of a computer connected to the Internet. The IP address is sometimes also known as the Internet address. On most networks, each computer has its own IP address. An IP address is not the same as a domain name or an email address.

To activate your subscriptions, you will need to give us those IP addresses that both uniquely identify the eligible machines on your network and allow access only to authorized users of your subscription. All IP addresses contain 4 numeric segments, separated by periods. A segment is a number, an asterisk (wildcard), or a range specified by a dash (-). See example below.

Please make sure you've correctly identified ALL needed IP addresses. Those using addresses not registered will not have access.

Some institutions use proxy servers to network their environment. This means that all the IP addresses of the computers people are using appear to our server as a single IP address. If your institution uses a proxy server, please ensure that the proxy server is used only by your institution. If it is, please enter it as part of your subscription. If the proxy server is used by people not covered by your online subscription, please contact us to work out a solution.

How Do IPs Work with a GrantSelect Subscription?

Our institutional subscription order form requests your domain name as well as the IP numbers associated with that name. Your library network specialist or campus computing staff can gather this information. Please verify all ranges before submitting them to us. We then add that IP range to our Web server's access database for each segment to which you subscribe. We will activate your campus within two business days, barring any questions regarding your request or your technical details. Then, anyone using a computer within the campus and/or library network can access GrantSelect. Users will encounter no interference (passwords, subscription information, etc.) when attempting to view the database.

How to Fill Out the IP Address Section of the Subscription Form

Place each IP address, or partial IP address, in the box provided, following these rules:

EXAMPLE using both the wildcard character (*) and the range character (-):

"Educational University" is a big, complex University. For this institution to sign up, 3 different IP addresses are required. The main IP address and two department subnets that are not part of the "main IP address" but are on the same campus:

Department IP information
Main All addresses beginning with 10.175.4
College of Engineering All addresses between 192.168.55.* and 192.168.60.*
Mechanical Engineering All addresses between and

This is how they would fill in their form:

(Note that these IP addresses are examples only, and will not work.)

Subscribing a Consortium or Multi-Campus System

Because of the many varieties of network configurations each institution may have, we need a subscription form for each institution in the consortium. For each institution, please include complete and accurate information as well as the name of a technical contact person who will be able to answer questions about his or her institution's network IP numbers and domain name(s).

About Referrer URLs

What is a Referrer URL?

A referrer URL is the web address (URL) or IP address that tracks from where a visitor to a web page originated (e.g., previous page, link from another website, or search engine). [Definition from Webopedia.com] In the case of GrantSelect, it is the web page that provides a direct link to the GrantSelect database, allowing Institutional Users to access it without the need of a username and password.

Client Referrer URL Authentication

This authentication method provides an integrated solution for GrantSelect access based on the URL of a webpage on the Institution's website. Users access the database by clicking on a link which is embedded on any webpage within an Institution's website.


  1. The webpage containing the embedded link can not be publicly accessible via the Internet, meaning without some other secure form of authentication currently employed by the Institution.
  2. The Institution must provide the exact URL of the page in which the link is embedded.
  3. The referrer URL must be static. We do not support referrer URLs with wildcard matching.

Compliance Testing

From time to time, we automatically audit our Institutional Subscriptions to ensure compliance with the above requirements. If we determine that unlicensed users can gain access to the GrantSelect database using one of the above authentication methods, we will notify you, and in certain cases, we may temporarily turn off one or more of your authentication methods until the problem is corrected.

If you have any questions about our authentication policy, please visit our Help section and use the support contact form to let us know.

Ordering a Subscription Offline

Please download the appropriate form for the subscription desired. For any questions regarding the form or subscriptions, contact us at (765) 237-3390 or email info@grantselect.com.

Subscription orders must be sent to Schoolhouse Partners LLC. Please print out and fax or mail the completed subscription form. An email address is required for all electronic subscriptions. An electronic subscription activation form will be sent to subscribers upon receipt of payment.

Please mail all documents to:
ATTN: Accounts
Littleberry Press
1048 B Sagamore Parkway West, #48
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Please note the following: